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Mellow Jon
Is it possible to have a one-night-stand, where instead of having sex, you bring home a stranger and just tell each other all your problems, bare your soul, and then lean on each other's shoulder and stare at the wall for the rest of the night?  Because that's SO where I'm at right now.

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Yes, it's possible. Been there, done that. Could use it right now.

i have done that
more they lay out all thereproblems lean on me lots of hugs ect
girls like to be held
take them home or whatever

then i do the wall stareing my self

other then that sound like a great volenteer prodject
and im serous think about it
i know i have had meany times like hell tonight iw ould have loved to call someone up and say hay come hang out
you can't do it as a job cuase then you think that persons being payed to do this
if they do it for free its cuase the want to in there hearts and theres no denying it

i say go for it

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