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Mellow Jon
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays everyone! I'm back at my parents' house, in a reclined, under a blanket, and under a friendly, sleepy black cat.

I've had alot of complex feelings lately about therapy, and life, and love. I don't want to just talk about problems the whole holidays though, my family does that all the time, and it makes me sad.

I've had alot of delicious food and deserts that ill regret, like the family's yearly toffee cookies, and some pumpkin pie tonight.

My little brother is in town too, staying at my place. We don't agree on anything, but we still get along pretty well I guess. He has alot of crazy ideas, but im just happy to see him.

Blogging on a droid is kind of awkward too, but nice to know I can. Talk to you all soon!

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happy hollydays hope you had a good one

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